According to reports, the FCC is prepared to move forward with rules that will protect the open Internet, which has been crucial to modern day civil rights movements and fights for justice.

Phone and cable companies are fighting this tooth and nail, calling in favors from organizations and members of Congress they've supported financially for years.

Fortunately, Representatives Keith Ellison and Maxine Waters, long-time net neutrality champions, are asking their fellow members of congress to stand with President Obama and the FCC in support of strong net neutrality rules. Let’s let them know we have their back. More »


President Obama: End discriminatory, violent policing and its unjust consequences

There is an epidemic of racial bias, police violence, and a lack of accountability in our country's police forces. Thousands have been killed. Millions more have been sucked into the criminal justice system by racially-biased practices. More »


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Activists rip Ferguson cops for seizing ‘rolling billboard’ criticizing Gov. Jay Nixon

Members of the activist group Color of Change are questioning Ferguson, Missouri police’s reasoning for seizing a “rolling billboard” truck criticizing Gov. Jay Nixon (D) during a protest Wednesday night.

“Missouri law enforcement continues to try to violate our first amendment rights and silence our calls for justice for Mike Brown,” the group’s executive director, Rashad Robinson, said in a statement. “But we’re strong, we’re organized, and we will hold Governor Nixon responsible for allowing the systematic violation of Black Missourians’ free speech and human rights.” More »