In the past few days, Baltimore law enforcement stepped up their militarized violence against protesters. Courageous Black folks and their allies calling for an end to centuries of structural racism and discriminatory policing were met with pepper spray, beatings and unjust arrest. And while all 6 officers who killed Freddie Gray are out of jail, many protesters are languishing in overcrowded, inhumane jail cells facing unjust criminal charges and outrageous bail. More »


Tell advertisers to ditch Bill O'Reilly

With such a large following and platform, O‚ÄôReilly must be held accountable for his continual dissemination of harmful mistruths about Black communities.Stand with us in demanding advertisers turn their backs on Bill O'Reilly once and for all. More »


OUR MISSION is strengthening Black America's political voice. Using the Internet, we keep our members informed and give them ways to act on pressing issues facing Black people in America. We are united behind a simple, powerful pledge: we will do all we can to make sure all Americans are represented, served and protected — regardless of race or class. More »


Gov. Cuomo: It's time to prove that you think black lives matter

New York Daily News: The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo has the opportunity to impact history by enacting a simple but critical reform in New York, one that the Brooklyn NAACP has advocated for since the 1940s- authorize the appointment of a special prosecutor to handle criminal cases involving allegations of police impropriety. L Joy Williams, President of the Brooklyn NAACP and Rashad Robinson of Color of Change, ask the governor: How many must die before action is taken towards real reform? More »