Police are now arming drones! Arming them with weapons like tear gas, Tasers, and rubber bullets. Though they claim these are "non-lethal weapons", 39 people have already been killed this year by Tasers and countless others have been maimed by rubber bullets and flying tear gas canisters. If the FAA does not act immediately, we could all soon be terrorized by these airborne weapons. Call on the FAA and demand they ban armed police drones! Don't let police terrorize us from the sky! More »


Twitter needs a hiring pool of that includes a diversity of candidates. Tell them to recruit more Black women and men.

More than a year ago, after releasing disappointing numbers on the diversity of its workforce, Twitter made a promise to step up its diversity efforts. The company is expected to release an update to the those numbers soon, and it’s important for them to take this round seriously. Instead of just releasing data on the number of Black people who work at Twitter, the company should include a plan for how to move the needle past the current two percent of Black workers, like a talent pool of Black applicants that it can draw from to fill open positions. More »



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[KATRINA 10] How Language Shaped Perception of Katrina and New Orleanians

Words matter, and most of the time connotations matter even more than definitions. So when the media started using language dehumanizing New Orleanians, specifically Black people, it helped create a narrative, curiosity and stigma that remain.

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