On August 9, 2014 Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson racially profiled and fatally shot unarmed, Black, 18-year-old, Michael Brown as he walked to his grandmother's residence with a friend. Eye witnesses report that the police officer, who has yet to be identified, fired several shots at Michael as the teen stood in the street with his hands in the air. The family and local community members are calling his death an execution. More »



Terror in Ferguson!

After the tragic police killing of Michael Brown, police are using excessive force, military tactics and equipment against journalists and peaceful protesters in Ferguson, MO. Many were injured in the war-like environment as police displayed a blatant disregard for civil rights — unlawfully arresting dozens of people including members of the press. More »



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Commentary: Time for a shift in state’s Department of Juvenile Justice

A boy’s elbow is broken. Meals are infested with maggots. Children are left isolated in bare cells for 14 hours, locked in facilities that have the highest sexual abuse rates in the nation. This is how the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) “rehabilitates” its youth via the for-profit prison industry.

Private companies operate 100 percent of youth prisons in the state of Florida, and have an appalling record of exploitation and abuse. These companies regularly commit acts of violence, sexual abuse, and neglect against the state’s most vulnerable. This abuse disproportionately harms black youth, who are four times more likely than white youth to be committed to the DJJ, and the vast majority for non-violent offenses. More »