On November 23rd, alleged white supremacists shot and critically injured 5 Black Lives Matter protesters who were peacefully protesting the brutal police killing of Jamar Clark in Minneapolis. This latest act of vigilante violence comes after days of documented threats from white supremacists towards the protesters, with no public response from police.

Enough is enough. Minneapolis police have a long history of racial discrimination in the force — in fact the police union president has ties to white supremacist organizations. Our national leaders must be held accountable for stopping this war on Black people.

Join us in urging President Obama to do more to address white supremacist terrorism, starting with urging Attorney General Loretta Lynch to investigate the Minneapolis Police Department and this latest act of violence as a hate crime. More »


Demand DOJ body camera funds be tied to community oriented policies

Body cameras can be a powerful tool for holding police accountable. But right now the DOJ is bankrolling police worn body cameras without ensuring community-oriented policies are in place that allow the cameras to protect the people inside of the police. More »



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Shining a Light: A Concert for Progress on Race in America

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