AUGUST 15, 2012 / BY CAMPAIGN STAFF Tea Partier Allen West Calls Attack Ad Against Him Racist

On August 2, an ad was released attacking controversial Tea Party Congressman Allen West (R-Florida). The ad takes a different angle on West's view of himself as a "fighter" to say he's fighting against the interests of his district. It depicts West punching various groups from his constituency, including two White women and a Black family.

Using racial fears to divide us is wrong but it's not clear that is the intent or effect of the ad.

West says that the ad plays on racial stereotypes of violent Black men. He further claims that "the Left" would be "apoplectic" if this ad was run against a Democrat and attacks civil rights organizations for being outraged.   

In the ad, West is wearing a suit and has a serious look on his face. The boxing glove is superimposed to represent his stances attacking Medicare and women's healthcare as well as his support of a budget plan that would raise taxes on the middle class while cutting taxes for millionaires. 

The ad was paid for by American Sunrise PAC, which is not allowed to coordinate with West's opponent, Patrick Murphy. Interestingly, the PAC is run by Murphy's father and Murphy is the sole candidate listed on the website.

West is no stranger to using racially charged terms to further his political agenda. Last month, West referred to Social Security as "a form of modern, 21st-century slavery." That was just one week after he claimed that President Obama wanted Americans "to be his slave." 

Does the ad play on racial stereotypes or is it just typical partisan attack politics? Tell us what you think.