OCTOBER 03, 2012 / BY FANNA GAMAL WATCH: Rashad Robinson discusses our ALEC campaign

ColorOfChange Executive Director Rashad Robinson recently sat down with GritTV's Laura Flanders to discuss our ongoing campaign to get major corporations to end their membership in ALEC. The shadowy lobby group has pushed model legislation that suppresses the Black vote.

In the clip above, Rashad discusses how the voices of hundreds of thousands of ColorOfChange members are holding some of the world's biggest companies accountable for their actions and why ALEC's far-reaching influence in Congress must come to an end.

As a result of ColorOfChange's campaign, more than three dozen major corporations have abandoned ALEC. Our campaign has also exposed the link between ALEC model legislation and attacks on voting rights and is making it nearly impossible for ALEC to operate in secrecy. ALEC has been weakened, but we still have work to do. ALEC policies have damaged our democracy for years, and the group's influence in Congress is deeply entrenched. As Rashad says in the segment:

"If you look at the leadership on the Republican House side in Congress, many of them, including our Speaker of the House, were ALEC alumni. This was a pipeline for many Republicans...to greater leadership."

As for the corporations still involved with ALEC? According to Rashad, the choice is clear: They can either stand on the side of voter suppression or the side of democracy.

Check out the clip above and read the full story here. And don't forget to register to vote and get more information on voter ID laws at vote.colorofchange.org.