October 24, 2012 / BY AIMÉE CASTENELL Donald Trump's "bombshell announcement"

Earlier this week, Donald Trump teased the hosts of Fox & Friends about a potential "bombshell announcement" that he was planning to release this week regarding President Barack Obama.

Today, the video was released. In "From the Desk of Donald Trump: Major Announcement," Trump issues an ultimatum to the president demanding he release his college transcripts and passport application records in exchange for a charitable donation of $5 million to the organization of the president's choosing.

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August 24, 2012 / BY AIMÉE CASTENELL Mitt Romney's Dog Whistle Politics

Earlier today at a campaign event in Commerce, Michigan, presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney joked about his Michigan roots, "No one's ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that [Ann and I] were born and raised."

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August 05, 2012 / BY CAMPAIGN STAFF Obama ad highlights Romney's relationship with Donald Trump

On August 3, the Obama campaign released an ad that highlights Mitt Romney's position on taxes. Namely, that the very rich should pay less and those who don't make $20 million a year, more. The ad also includes a subtle but very important strike at Mitt Romney's relationship to vehement birther Donald Trump. We're glad to see a presidential advertisement that highlights Mitt Romney's problematic and continued connection to Trump, who has raised millions for Romney's presidential campaign.


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