Stop the attack on affirmative action

Oct 03 2006

In November, the deceptively titled "Michigan Civil Rights Initiative" will be on Michigan's ballot as Proposal 2. If passed, it would end affirmative action in Michigan, making it the third state to fall victim to a nationwide anti-affirmative action campaign run by Ward Connerly--a Black conservative who wants to abolish affirmative action across the country. Connerly is backed by ultra-right funders, and in Michigan, his campaign is driven by deception. Connerly's group lied to petition signers to get Prop. 2 on the ballot, telling them that it supports affirmative action, when it does the opposite.

We can stop Connerly, but it means doing what we can to make sure Michigan voters know the truth about Proposal 2. Can you make few phone calls to help inform Michigan voters? Our phone-banking tool makes it easy--we'll provide you with a script, names, and phone numbers.

UPDATE: ColorOfChange members placed more than 1,500 calls to Michigan voters, urging them to reject the initiative. Though the initiative passed, the effort mobilized the community against a movement to wipe out affirmative action across the country.

This campaign has concluded.

Areas: Right-wing Racism