Hold Wall Street banks accountable

Jan 04 2012

UPDATE: President Obama announced the creation of a special unit of federal prosecutors and state attorneys general to investigate the abusive practices of Wall Street banks during his State of Union speech. ColorOfChange will continue to push for true accountability and real relief for the millions of people who are suffering as a result of the housing crisis. Our official statement can be viewed here. http://colorofchange.org/press/releases/2012/1/25/civil-rights-group-applauds-obama-administrations-/

Wall Street banks continue to profit from the brutal housing crisis that has displaced an estimated 7 million American families from their homes. After receiving a massive taxpayer bailout, these same banks continue business as usual. Meanwhile, the public pays a heavy price for Wall Street's corruption and greed — millions are out of work, face foreclosure, and feel the pain of ever-worsening economic conditions.

Accountability is long-overdue. Please join us in calling on President Obama to stand up to the big banks and push for a full investigation, compensation to homeowners, and real accountability for those responsible.

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Areas: Economic Justice