Help Run Ad Calling out Governor Blanco

May 12 2006

We're stepping up our efforts to defend Katrina survivors' rights by running a full-page ad that publicly shames Blanco for failing to defend the voting rights of displaced Katrina survivors. The ad also sends a strong message to other politicians who are standing in the way of satellite voting.
With New Orleans' runoff election coming up on May 20th, media attention will be focused on voting, making this a critical time to act. The ad will run this week in The Advocate, Baton Rouge's largest circulation newspaper, which is read by politicians at the capitol.

Can you help us run the ad by making a contribution?

UPDATE: ColorOfChange members sent more than 45,000 emails and placed 450 calls to Gov. Blanco, demanding that she set up satellite voting so displaced Katrina survivors could participate in New Orleans' mayoral election. Members donated more than $15,000 to fund a full-page ad in The Advocate, the state capital's largest circulation newspaper, calling on Blanco to do the right thing.

This campaign has concluded.

Areas: Gulf Coast | Voting Rights