Dancing with the Devil

Mar 14 2007

Fox News has consistently attacked Black people, leaders, and cultural institutions. Despite this fact, the Congressional Black Caucus Institute is in negotiations with Fox to co-host presidential debates.

Should the CBC Institute partner with Fox, it would legitimize Fox as a fair and balanced news source, effectively disregarding Fox's clearly hostile stance towards Black political interests. It runs counter to the stated goals of the Institute as well as the CBC's commitment to advocate for racial equality and justice and its desire to be considered the "conscience of Congress."

You can help the CBC Institute do the right thing. Let them know that they should drop Fox now.

UPDATE: In April 2007, the CBCI and Fox News dropped their plan to co-host presidential debates after Democratic candidates refused to participate. The move came after more than 30,000 ColorOfChange members told the CBC it couldn't claim to represent Black Americans while legitimizing a network that consistently race baits. ColorOfChange members also pressured the candidates to boycott the debates.

This campaign has concluded.

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