Want to Claim Money for Your Community?

Nov 09 2010

Your participation, which only takes a few minutes, will mean more money for Head Start, parks and rec, moderate income housing loans, unemployment insurance, and over a hundred other vital programs no matter where you live.

To claim money for your community, all you have to do is return the census form. The census will be mailed to your home and it only takes ten minutes to fill out. Be sure to include all members of your household, even children, and to send it back by April 1.

Census data is used to distribute roughly $400 billion of federal aid to communities each year. To illustrate the importance of the census, this animation estimates how much money you can claim for your community by filling out the census form. Our calculation is based on data provided by the US Census Bureau and the Brookings Institute. However, due to annual fluctuations in the federal budget, it is not an exact number.

This campaign has concluded.

Areas: Economic Justice