Stop forced confessions & wrongful convictions

Aug 09 2011

Recent DNA testing has proven the innocence of 10 men from Cook County, Illinois who were forced to confess as children to crimes they didn't commit. Some of them have been imprisoned for nearly 20 years. Despite overwhelming genetic evidence that has linked the crimes to the real killers, state officials have refused to recognize the innocence of these men.‬

VICTORY UPDATE 11-16-11: Today a Cook County judge vacated the convictions of the innocent men, known as the Englewood 5, who were falsely arrested and harshly prosecuted for crimes they did not commit. This decision and the Nov. 3 exoneration of the Dixmoor 5 in a separate but similar case show that evidence, hope, and tireless legal and community advocacy can overcome long-standing injustices. Check out our statement here:

This campaign has concluded.

Areas: Criminal Justice | Human Rights