Stop the violence: End "Shoot First"

Dec 01 2012

Following the tragic shooting death of Jordan Russell Davis, it's expected that his killer, Michael David Dunn, will claim the killing was a justifiable homicide under Florida's "Shoot First" law. Just 9 months after the death of Trayvon Martin, we are reminded how important it is to fight back against laws that enable a culture of senseless violence.

Florida's dangerous "Shoot First" law allowed Trayvon's killer to walk free without charges for more than a month. Shoot First legalizes vigilante homicide, has demonstrated racial bias in its application, and has led to an increase in gun-related deaths in the more than two dozen states where it has been passed into law. These laws give individual gun owners a greater right to shoot and kill than the rules of engagement for our military during times of war grant to soldiers in war zones. Shoot First must be repealed now to protect families and communities and prevent senseless deaths.

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Areas: Criminal Justice