Equal work should mean equal pay

Jan 01 2008

Demand the Senate protect workers from pay discrimination
Pay discrimination is a real problem that affects all people of color and women. Last May, the Supreme Court overturned years of precedent and gutted a key protection against it.

In response, the House of Representatives passed the Fair Pay Restoration Act to restore these protections, but now it's stalled in the Senate. We need as many voices as possible behind the bill to get the Senate to act.

Please join us in calling on the Senate to protect our civil rights and to ensure equal pay for equal work.

UPDATE: In January 2009, President Obama signed his first bill into law: the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. More than 12,000 ColorOfChange members had called on Congress to support the legislation, which restores employees’ ability to fight pay discrimination. Members of ColorOfChange and MomsRising also met with their senators to advocate for the bill.

This campaign has concluded.

Areas: Economic Justice