Remembering Trayvon Martin

Feb 25 2013

Flickr (Joe Newman/Cosmic Smudge) Photo credit: Flickr (Joe Newman/Cosmic Smudge)

In a culture that inundates us with images of Black men as criminal, we are continually reminded that something as simple as walking home from the corner store can draw unwanted attention that puts our very lives in danger. Black Americans face racial animosity every day, and far too often that animosity turns violent.

As we mourn the loss of Trayvon Martin one year after his tragic, avoidable death, we must also acknowledge that if it weren't for the hundreds of thousands of you who spoke up to demand basic dignity and justice, Trayvon's case would have been ignored — and his killer George Zimmerman would have gone free. Please watch this powerful video about the campaign to demand justice for Trayvon, and inspire others to join the fight for racial justice by sharing with friends and family.

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