Lift up, don't lock up New Orleans

Nov 21 2011

Last February, New Orleans' ColorOfChange members, in partnership with the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana and the Orleans Parish Prison Reform Coalition, secured a monumental victory for the city's future when the City Council voted unanimously to stop the construction of an outrageous 5,800-bed prison and cap the size of Orleans Parish Prison (OPP) at 1438 beds. This marked a major step in reforming New Orleans' criminal justice system. A critical component to maintaining this progress depends on ending the per diem funding system--a policy that pays the Sheriff to lock up more residents for more days.

Like cities across the country, New Orleans is facing a fiscal crisis, with valuable social services and programs for youth and families the most threatened by impending budget cuts. Yet, the criminal justice system makes up 61% of the city's general fund in the proposed 2012 budget while services for children and families are just 3%.

Click to read the original email we sent to members about this campaign.

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