Stop the NRA's attacks on the First Family

Jan 18 2013

UPDATE (02/13/13): After the NRA's ad targeting President Obama's children was universally condemned — including by one of its top lobbyists — the organization switched up its media strategy in favor of a policy-based, albeit still inaccurate, approach.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is running a deeply disturbing ad that turns the national debate over gun violence into a personal attack on President Obama — and his family. The NRA's ad centers on its ill-conceived demand for armed officers or guards in every American school, then suggests that Sasha and Malia shouldn't get Secret Service protection unless the president defers to the NRA's agenda.

Dragging the President's children into this fight is a troubling new low — even for the NRA's notoriously callous leadership. Please join us to demand that TV network executives take a stand against giving this reprehensible ad airtime.

This campaign has concluded.

Areas: Media Accountability