New York Post: This isn't funny!

Feb 01 2009

Hold the New York Post accountable

The New York Post recently published the political cartoon shown here, depicting two white police officers standing over the carcass of a bullet-riddled chimpanzee, with the animal representing the author of the stimulus package.

The decision to run this cartoon was irresponsible at best, and hurtful and malicious at worst. It seems unthinkable that an editor of a newspaper would not understand the history of Black folks being depicted as monkeys and apes or the recent spate of death threats against President Obama. Worse, when confronted, Post editor Col Allan dismissed people's concerns as baseless.

Join us in demanding that The Post issue an apology for the decision and their callousness, and fire the editor who allowed this cartoon to go to print.

UPDATE: After nearly 110,000 ColorOfChange members spoke up, Rupert Murdoch, CEO of NewsCorp, took responsibility and issued an apology — a rare admission of wrongdoing.

This campaign has concluded.

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