Tell CBC superdelegates to uphold the will of the voters

Feb 19 2008

Earlier this year, voters in places like Atlanta, Brooklyn, St. Louis, and Inglewood had made clear their choice for president: Barack Obama.

But we, along with our members, were puzzled by some members of the Congressional Black Caucus threatening to use their power as "superdelegates" to undermine those votes and nominate Hillary Clinton.
We believe that voters should decide elections--- not politicians. And members of the Congressional Black Caucus should amplify the political voice of their constituents, not silence it.

Over 25,000 of you signed the petition to CBC members asking them to follow the will of the people. Shortly afterwards, Rep. John Lewis, who had previously endorsed Hillary Clinton, said he would uphold the will of the people as a superdelegate. members made an important impact on the debate about the role of superdelegates, garnering coverage from CNN and other prominent news sources.

This campaign has concluded.

Areas: Political Accountability