Tell ALEC's funders: No more profit-driven gun violence

Jan 04 2013

Following a week of silence regarding the tragic shootings in Newtown, the NRA proposed a bewildering solution to the problem of gun violence: more guns. A longtime bankroller of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) — and co-chair of its Public Safety and Elections Task Force — the NRA has for decades worked through ALEC to push legislation designed to expand gun industry profits at any cost.

The pair isn't making it easy for ALEC's other corporate members to defend their continued relationship. Forty-two major corporations already cut their ties with ALEC in the wake of revelations that it was behind the reckless proliferation of deadly "Shoot First" laws — authored by the NRA — in 25 states since 2005. By doubling down on the dangerous fiction that in order to stop gun violence we need to buy more guns, the NRA is making it clear that it's not prepared to clean up its act. Please join us in telling corporations: say no to an NRA/ALEC gun agenda that values profits over human lives.

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Areas: Criminal Justice