Tell Oxygen: Stop exploiting Black families

Jan 10 2013

UPDATE (01/15/13): After multiple conversations with Oxygen Media executives, the company informed us via email that a decision was made to cancel All My Babies' Mamas. The tremendous response from over 47,000 members, coupled with national outrage from Black folks, sent a clear message that exploitative television shows like All My Babies' Mamas are unacceptable.

When Oxygen Media's cable network launched in 2000, it sought to produce media that "advocates" for women. Today, business as usual for Oxygen Media means cheaply-produced, reality television programming that exploits women, children and now Shawty Lo's "unconventional" family of 11 children by ten different women. Images like these, that present Black men and women as hyper-sexual and unfit parents, can result in real world consequences for our families, including less attention from doctors, harsher sentencing by judges, lower likelihood of being hired or admitted to school, lower odds of getting loans, and a higher likelihood of getting shot by police. Join in urging Oxygen and its advertisers to cancel All My Babies' Mamas.

This campaign has concluded.

Areas: Media Accountability