Tell AR officials: Support Black student achievement

Jul 28 2011

UPDATE: McGehee officials know that 84k+ CoC members want them to acknowledge Kymberly Wimberly as her class’s sole valedictorian and support Black student achievement. Their response? Silence. Now ask state-wide education leaders in AR to support Kymberly.

When Kymberly Wimberly, a Black student in Arkansas, was poised to be valedictorian of her class, the school principal decided it would be a "big mess" and made a White student with a lower GPA co-valedictorian.

It's not only an injustice to Kymberly. It sends a troubling message to all students. Join us in demanding that McGehee school officials apologize, acknowledge Kymberly as sole valedictorian, and take clear steps to ensure all students have equal opportunities in the district.

This campaign has concluded.

Areas: Education