Fight voter suppression: stop Hans von Spakovsky

Jun 26 2007

Hans von Spakovsky has made a career out of suppressing the vote of minorities, most recently at the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Now Bush wants von Spakovsky to be confirmed for a seat on the Federal Election Commission (FEC), the agency in charge of enforcing election finance laws. It's an insult to Blacks, other minorities, and all who are struggling to maintain fair access to our democracy.

Please join us below in calling on all members of the Senate to oppose von Spakovsky's confirmation and to send a strong statement to the White House that voter suppression will not be tolerated and that those who engage in voting suppression have no place in the electoral system.

UPDATE: In May 2008, after 30,000 ColorOfChange members spoke out against von Spakovsky, he requested that the Bush administration withdraw his nomination to the FEC.

This campaign has concluded.

Areas: Voting Rights