Stand with WNBA players against police violence!

The WNBA just cracked down on some of the players for their statement against violence and police brutality. With more than 70% of the league being made up of Black athletes, the WNBA is heavily profiting from the hard work of Black players and should not be trying to silence them as they call for an end to the violence they face daily. Join us in demanding that the league rescind their fines immediately! More...

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  • Tell Media Outlets: Stop victim-blaming Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

    Neither Alton Sterling nor Philando Castile did anything to justify being killed by the police. But that hasn’t stopped national news outlets from criminalizing and dehumanizing these two fathers – explicitly diverting attention away from the actions of the police officers. Read More

  • Demand newsroom directors ban Rudy Giuliani from their networks!

    Media outlets have been hosting former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani to discuss race, police brutality, and the Dallas shooting. But Giuliani, who stoked "racial divisions" during his time in office, has used these outlets to push false and misleading crime statistics that reinforce racial stereotypes - mostly that Black people are violent.

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  • Justice for Philando & Alton

    Our nation has woken up to yet another video of a Black man dying at the hands of police autoplaying in our social media feeds - and it feels like we're in a never-ending nightmare. Read More

  • Judge Lu Sentenced Jasmine 'Abdullah' Richards to jail time

    Inspired by the Ferguson protests, Jasmine has been apart of the 'Black Lives Matter Rides' and has fought back against police violence. In response, local police and prosecutors took the extreme step of convicting Jasmine of felony attempted lynching. On Tuesday, June 7, 2016, Judge Elaine Lu decided to sentence to jail time. Read More

  • Tell the DOJ: No Privacy Act exemption for the FBI

    The FBI is trying to exempt its facial recognition database from key transparency requirements in the Privacy Act.
    If the FBI is allowed to get this exemption, not only will we be unable to monitor and correct this racially biased database, but the FBI would be able to again run illegal spy programs like COINTELPRO. Read More

  • Products made by companies that support hate legislation have no place in any store.

    Whole Foods continues to carry products from Bolthouse Farms, a known support of conservative causes, despite outcry from customers and communities Whole Foods needs to stand against hatred and discrimination by pulling those products from their shelves. Read More