Demand Coca-Cola and other companies end their sponsorships of Donald Trump

Companies like Coca-Cola have a civic responsibility to make sure that their brands and corporate dollars are not used to promote damaging hate speech. By funding Donald Trump and the Republican National Convention, Coca-Cola will be doing just that. Demand the Coca-Cola stop funding a national platform for Trump's damaging hate speech. More...

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  • Restore funding for the CDC Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Prevention program

    Without proper funding, the CDC cannot fulfill it's mission of responding to health problems caused by environmental hazards like lead poisoning, which disproportionately afflicts Black communities. Read More

  • #4thPrecinctShutDown

    On November 23rd, alleged white supremacists shot and critically injured 5 Black Lives Matter protesters who were peacefully protesting the brutal police killing of Jamar Clark in Minneapolis. Join us in urging President Obama to do more to address white supremacist terrorism, starting with urging Attorney General Loretta Lynch to investigate the Minneapolis Police Department and this latest act of violence as a hate crime. Read More

  • Prosecute Fields. Drop the charges against the students.

    After nearly 90,000 ColorOfChange members raised their voices, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott fired Officer Ben Fields, but he is not facing any criminal charges. Join us in urging Richland County Solicitor Dan Johnson to drop the charges against all students and charge Officer Fields with assault. Read More