Trump's SCOTUS Nominee

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Trump's SCOTUS Nominee

It’s time to the pull the emergency brake before Trump totals our democracy. 

Trump has continued to build his regime by nominating Neil Gorsuch to be a Supreme Court justice. Trump’s promise to appoint a judge in the image of Antonin Scalia means voting rights, reproductive rights, and so much more will be threatened if Judge Gorsuch is confirmed. Enough is enough. We will not sit back and watch as the rights we have fought for are swept away. Starting today, we are demanding Congressional Democrats lead a hiring freeze on Donald Trump’s nominees.

Below is the letter we will send to Senate Democrats:

To Congressional Democrats, 

Here is the Petition:

For the past eight years, we watched as the Republican party banded together and opposed President Obama at every turn. Their collective defiance led to defaulting on the national debt and blocking appointees to various bureaus. They even went so far as to stand up and read Green Eggs and Ham to delay the passage of the Affordable Healthcare Act. In fact, Antonin Scalia’s former seat on the Supreme Court remains empty because the Republicans remained strong and withheld their consent.

We now are living in an unprecedented era where the reigning president has no mandate to rule and has nominated astonishingly unqualified and morally corrupt individuals to govern. It’s time for Congressional Democrats to borrow this playbook and hold the line on not confirming Trump’s appointees. We’ve already seen the effectiveness of this collective power. Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee boycotted the confirmation hearings for Steven Mnuchin and Tom Price and successfully blocked the vote from happening while Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee also came together and used procedural tactics to stall the confirmation of known racist Jeff Sessions. When Democrats put their foot down, we are able to delay and derail Trump’s agenda.