The following is a statement from Executive Director Rashad Robinson:

"Our community applauds the U.S. Supreme Court for upholding the Sixth Circuit's decision to allow all Ohioans the opportunity to vote early in person the three days before Election Day -- November 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

"Nearly 70,000 ColorOfChange members stood up for the rights of all Ohioans to cast ballots in person on weekends during the early vote period, including these final three days before the election. We were joined by Ohio members of, Ohioans using the platform and members of the Ohio Organizing Collaborative, and we thank those groups for their partnership in pushing back against voter suppression efforts.

"It is shameful that Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has wasted the time and money of his state's taxpayers in his persistent, failed attempts to legalize barriers to voting. We know that his effort has been directed at Black, low-income and elderly voters as well as students -- all groups that tend to vote Democratic. Husted has been engaged in a politically-motivated attempt to keep certain Ohioans from the polls, and we applaud the Supreme Court for stopping him in his tracks.

"We thank Husted for quickly setting statewide hours for these final three days after the Supreme Court refused to hear his appeal. Now the Secretary of State's obligation is to make sure that every Ohioan has the ability to vote in this incredibly important election. We call on him to make sure that this final phase of the election season is free of partisan attempts to make voting harder for residents of his state."


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