Contact: Timothy K. Rusch

New York, NY - The following is a statement from Executive Director Rashad Robinson:

"Today's New York Times article outlining Chicago Cubs owner Joe Ricketts' consideration of a plan to use fear-mongering to turn Americans against President Obama forecasts the type of race-baiting we can expect to see in coming months. The report underscores how many with agendas focused on driving Americans apart will use race in this upcoming election.

"ColorOfChange is pleased that Mr. Ricketts rejected the plan that he commissioned just hours after excerpts and the strategy motivating it came into public view. But the details revealed have strengthened our commitment to serve as a watchdog for the African-American community and Americans in general this election season. Other far-right funders may be considering the Jeremiah Wright ad that conservative consultant Fred Davis shopped first to Senator John McCain in 2008 and now to Mr. Ricketts. Today's news of Ricketts' dropping the ad represents one won battle in what is sure to be a long and ugly war of words and smear efforts.

“We’ve seen in previous elections how the infusion of big money into politics allows wealthy individuals operating under the cover of anonymity to promote their fringe ideas and unsubstantiated accusations on the national stage. ColorOfChange will remain focused on ensuring that the voices of everyday people are able to respond to those who use race and fear to drive Americans apart.

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