NEW YORK—Color Of Change, the nation’s largest online racial justice organization, issued the following statement in response to in response to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s hesitation to remove Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue from her position as Michigan State Police Director. Over 76,000 people—including thousands of Michiganders—have signed Color Of Change’s petition to dismiss Col. Etue as State Police Director.

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Rashad Robinson, Executive Director at Color Of Change:

“Governor Snyder has a decision to make--which side of history does he want to be on? Colonel Etue has made her decision. NFL players who have kneeled during the national anthem have used their national stage to bring attention to an epidemic of systemic violence against Black and Brown people. Colonel Etue used her stage to racially attack these brave men as 'ingrates' and 'degenerates' for voicing their opinions. And behind those words lay a disturbing record of failing to hold police accountable for killing Black people and overseeing a department that is severely lacking in diversity. Michigan needs leadership that will work with communities to end racism not denigrate and silence those who are calling for change.”

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Denzel McCampbell, deputy communications director for Progress Michigan:

“Colonel Etue was inappropriate in sharing an inaccurate statement that undermines the constitutional right of those who are protesting police brutality. Michigan State Police has continued to be under scrutiny due to this action by Etue, a possible cover up in the killing of Damon Grimes by a state trooper, and a police force that does not reflect the diversity of the State of Michigan. Etue needs to go and Governor Snyder needs to listen to those of us, including the Coalition Against Police Brutality, ACLU Michigan, the Legislative Black Caucus, and Color of Change, along with thousands of Michiganders who have signed these petitions, who call on him to get rid of Etue."

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