NEW YORK, NY – Color Of Change, the nation’s largest online racial justice organization, issued the following statement in response to Donald Trump’s first State of the Union.

Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of Color Of Change:

“Donald Trump is selling out America. He is a racist oligarch beholden to his white nationalist base and billionaire friends. Behaving like an adult for one speech doesn’t change those facts. After more than a year of toxic policies and attacks on marginalized communities, the time for hoping Trump might change is long over. In this political moment, compromise is complicity. Total opposition is the only moral choice to the threat that Trump poses. We also cannot forget Trump’s enablers in Congress, the media and corporate America, who have bankrolled and amplified his white supremacist agenda. All of us who reject Trump’s vision of America must isolate this administration and its enablers, from pressuring lawmakers to block his agenda to boycotting corporations that have put their dollars behind Trump. Americans need a powerful opposition to protect our freedoms, not a disunified front that prioritizes compromise with Trump and his enablers over protecting the communities he is harming.”