Tell Black members of Congress: stop attacking Internet freedom

Jul 01 2014

Big phone and cable companies are doing everything they can to destroy net neutrality, the principle that prevents Internet service providers from discriminating online. Maddeningly enough, their efforts are being aided by ten members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), who recently signed a letter attacking net neutrality.

The level playing field created by a free and open internet has allowed Black bloggers, activists, and entrepreneurs to flourish online despite being blocked out of ownership and participation in traditional media. Despite this fact, these nine members -- having received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the telecom industry -- are using deceptive arguments to help the big phone and cable companies’ efforts.

Join us as we hold these representatives accountable, and make sure the FCC and other members of Congress know they don’t speak for Black people on this issue.

Click to read the original email we sent to members about this campaign.

Areas: Open Internet